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About PG

Paul Gudde is a basketball activist based in Cologne, GER. Developing good point guard skills at an early age he quickly learned to pay attention to the finer details of the game. Paul enjoyed success in the organised indoor game up to the third league before committing fully to mastering the art of outdoor basketball. Competing at a high level internationally over many years he earned his name as one of the playground pioneers in his country. During his college years at at the biggest Sports University in Germany (graduation in 2012 in sports science) he honed his skills, developing a true passion for coaching. Making his coaching debut in 2005 Paul soon discovered he had a true talent, with a genuine interest in developing other athletes skills. Over time he grew to learn the effectiveness of coaching in individual and small group workouts. As the founder of “Germany’s Finest”, a basketball brand which covers everything from individual coaching, camps & clinics to sport event management, Paul has the drive and the experience to pursue his main focus: supporting and guiding athletes in reaching their potential.





„Basketball doesn’t build character, it reveals it“



Skill Development


Both his experience playing at a high level and his diploma in Sport Science give Paul the necessary tools to be an effective developmental trainer. These attributes combined with 10 years of coaching both teams and individuals complete a unique and highly respectable skill set as an athlete and a coach. From amateur players, and young prospects to professional athletes, Paul has worked with a variety of players at different skill levels. Not only does Paul offer elite training for correct footwork at all five positions, but he is a renowned specialist in Ball Handling / Dribbling Drills, 1on1 moves and how to finish driving to the basket. His “out of the box” training methods deliver a fresh look at the game of basketball, and the results of his work speak for themselves.




Strength & Conditioning


Whether it is getting you back to that old shape you’re looking for, or getting you ready for the upcoming basketball season. If you’re ready to do the work you can find the coach for you right here. Paul has worked with athletes from different backgrounds looking to reach individual goals. After evaluating your current level and agreeing on your aims and goals, Paul will work out a tailor made plan with you to get there. After that its on you to show up and do the work!


Event Management


Setting up basketball events and helping brands to get their events done the right way, Paul offers the whole package. From getting the right location a capable staff, to side events and show acts, he has all the contacts that matter. Additionally he can make sure that the basketball community knows about it. He has helped brands establish their events for the last 4 years. As an opinion leader equipped with connections throughout the basketball scene in Germany Paul can reach a lot of basketball heads in his country. For contacts don’t hesitate to hit him up.


Arber T.

Beko BBL (1st Lg. Germany)

Paul helped me to get in shape during the offseason. It’s nice to have someone coaching you who is in great shape and shows you the little things instead of just explaining them.

Annika K.

Serie-A (2nd Lg. Italy)

We worked a lot on my ability to handle the ball. There are so many drills I’ve never done before. When working on my game by myself I now have a variety of drills to choose from. It never gets boring

Eldrick L.

Youth Player Leverkusen

My first workout with Paul was during a Basketball Camp. Since then we work out individ-ually.My coach likes the fact that im tall for my age and still able to handle the ball and shoot from outside

Andrej M.

Beko BBL (1st Lg. Germany)

Paul challenges me with creative drills to steadily keep me going. Although im busy with the seasons schedule I try to squeeze in a workout every now and then.

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”

– Tim Grover –

“If I can see it and believe it, I can achieve it”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger –

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